Melihat Bumi Hadramaut

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Bumi Sejuta Wali

Students climbing the stairs up to the maqam of Ahmad ibn Issa Al-Muhajir

The Masjid of Ahmad ibn Issa Al-Muhajir – the forefather of all te Habaib

Mawlid in Masjid Mihdar to mark the month of Rajab, a month full of blessings

The Minaret of Masjid Mihdar, the largest mud brick minaret in the world

The mosque of the Scholar and Saint, Imam Abdullah ibn Alawi al-Haddad

Masjid of Imam al-Haddad from the outside

Students of the Arabic and English Dowra gathering fo the afternoon Rowha with Habib Umar

Ishaa prayer in congregation at Dar Al-Mustafa

Habib Umar delivering the afternoon Rowha to the students of Dar Al-Mustafa

Sheikh Abu Alaa from Iraq teaches Dar Al-Mustafa students a lesson in Nahw, Arabic Grammar

The Aydeed neighbourhood of Tarim as seen from the backyard of Dar Al-Mustafa

The final Thursday night mawlid of the Dowra, after which dinner was provided for all attendees

One of the main attractions is the weekly Thursday night Mawlid in Dar Al-Mustafa

All students from the English Dowra were fortunate to be invited for lunch to the house of Habib Umar

Visitation of the burial site of The Prophet Hud (as). He is buried under the white dome

Closer view of the dome where The Prophet Hud is buried. Part of his 30meter tomb is visible on the right

Students gather around Habib Kaathim as-Saqqaf during Prophet Hud’s visitation as he gives a lesson

Close up of Habib Kaathim gives students a lesson about The Prophet Hud (as) and his people

Aynat Cemetary where Sheikh Abu Bakr bin Salem, ancestor of Habib Umar is buried

Visitations to Zambal cemetary – where hundreds of awliyaa are buried

The Sun setting in Mukallah, where students were able to swim and relax.

Towards the end of the Dowra, students were taken on a trip to the port city of Mukallah for several days

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